Below are the quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is Babies Go Light and How does it work?

Babies Go Light provides you with baby and early childhood equipment for rent at really low cost in order to enjoy your stress free vacation at Crete.

Which are the Health Safety Measures taken by Babies Go Light?

We take seriously the hygiene and decontamination processes. Depending on the item we use proper cleansing methods such as soap washing, alcoholic wipes as well as steam cleaners.

What kind of equipment is available for renting?

With Babies Go Light you are able to rent from strollers to playpens and several room amenities as well as toys. Search among dozens of baby and early childhood equipment and in case you cannot find what you need just contact us. We have chosen for you and your family top quality products available to rent in low cost.

How will I receive my rented equipment?

Your rented equipment is able to be delivered to you in many ways. Concerning the city of Heraklion the items will be delivered to you personally or with a city courier with no extra costs. Regarding the rest region of Crete items can be delivered either with the local Cretan bus service where you can pick it up from their storages or with transport companies. We kindly remind you that the time interval chosen at the time of reservation is relative and we always contact you moments after reservation or a few days before to agreed the correct time of reservation.

I cannot find what I want to rent. What can I do?

You can always contact us and ask whatever you need! Call us or send an email to askme@babiesgolight.com and describe your needs. We will serve you the best way we can!

Is there a flexible cancellation policy?

To cancel your contract with us you must notify us in writing, by email in the address askme@babiesgolight.com and write us information about the bank account you want us to return the amount charged. In case you cancel your order or part of it: a) A week before the agreed pickup date there are no charges b) 5 days before the agreed pickup date you will be charged with the 25% of the initial amount minus delivery cost c) 48 hours before the agreed pickup date we will only return the delivery cost. The entire rental period will be charged regardless of the events that reduce the number of days of use of equipment, and even in case of early return.

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