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Smart Trike STR3 6 in 1 Folding Tricycle
Smart Trike STR3 6 in 1 Folding Tricycle

Stage 1: The seat opens easily without assembly. Easily stored in any car.

Stage 2 (10 months): Enjoy every moment with your child in direct contact with them in the first months, while the reclining seat allows the baby to relax comfortably while you are on the move, enjoying extra comfort from the additional headrest.

Stage 2-3 (9 months): Baby enjoys a comfortable ride sitting upright, with extendable UV protective cover, 5-point harness, safety bar and small footrests for babies. Baby can sit upright by removing the bar protection.Parents still push and control the tricycle.

Stage 4 (18 months): Remove the protective cover and watch baby's balance, curiosity and confidence while enjoying a fun ride with an expanded view.

Stage 5 (24 months): Transforms into a training tricycle as children learn the pedals. Easily and quickly by closing the footrest, removing the safety bar, adding the pedals, the child operates the tricycle alone while a button ensures control switches between parent and child for a safe ride.

Stage 6 (30-36 months): Remove the backrest on the back and children continue their fun-filled rides on their own without any help.

Their parent-controlled brake system, combined with the adjustable five-point harness and UV protection cover ensure a quiet, stress-free ride.


€ 6.00 per Day

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